Emirates Baggage Allowance Policy 2024

This post is related the Emirates Baggage Allowance Policy 2024. The biggest aircraft in the Center East. Emirates is claimed by the public authority of Dubai. The flies to 150 objections in 80 nations. Emirates’ armada is around major areas of strength for 300, fancy, and its center point is the Dubai Worldwide Air terminal. A relatively youthful aircraft, Emirates was established in 1985 and, in that brief time frame, has become one of the world’s driving transporters as far as benefit procured and weight flown.

Emirates Baggage Allowance Carry On Policy

On Emirates, cabin class and ticket fare determine your carry-on luggage limit. Note that handbags and laptop bags count as carry-on items.

Cabin ClassCarry-On Luggage AllowanceSize Limit (Each Baggage Item)Weight Limit (Each Baggage Item)
Economy Class155 cm x 38 cm x 20 cm7 Kilograms (15 lbs) 
Business Class255 cm x 38 cm x 20 cm7 Kilograms (15 lbs)
First Class255 cm x 38 cm x 20 cm7 Kilograms (15 lbs)

Emirates Baggage Allowance Exceptions

  • In addition to fare and cabin allowances, parents traveling with infants may bring one extra collapsible carrier, cot, or stroller. However, if the cabin overhead storage spaces are full, you may be forced to check it in the hold. As such, it’s always a good idea to call ahead and secure the additional space if you will need the accessory in-flight.
  • Passengers who use wheelchairs may check a fully collapsible one, for no extra charge, in addition to standard fare and cabin luggage allotments.

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Emirates Baggage Allowance Checked

Emirates bills itself as having “one of the most generous baggage allowances in the world.” The airline’s checked luggage allotments are based on a calculation that considers origin, destination, cabin class, and ticket fare. Depending on your route, Emirates may use either a weight model or a per-piece model.

Emirates Baggage Allowance Checked: Per-Piece Model

The table below outlines Emirates’ checked baggage allowance for flights to the Americas from Africa, Asia, Australia / New Zealand, and the Middle East, in addition to all routes taking off in Africa and heading to the Americas, Asia, Australia / New Zealand, or the Middle East. 

Class and FareChecked Baggage AllowanceWeight Limit (Each Baggage Item)Size Limit (Each Baggage Item)
Economy Special123 kg150 cm (59 in)
Economy Saver223 kg150 cm (59 in)
Economy Flex223 kg150 cm (59 in)
Economy Flex Plus223 kg150 cm (59 in)
Business232 kg150 cm (59 in)
First232 kg150 cm (59 in)

The table below delineates Emirates checked baggage allowance for routes within the Americas and between Europe and the United States.

Class and FareChecked Baggage AllowanceWeight Limit (Each Baggage Item)Size Limit (Each Baggage Item)
Economy Special123 kg150 cm (59 in)
Economy Saver123 kg150 cm (59 in)
Economy Flex223 kg150 cm (59 in)
Economy Flex Plus223 kg150 cm (59 in)
Business232 kg150 cm (59 in)
First232 kg150 cm (59 in)

Emirates Per-Piece Checked Baggage Anomalies

  • If you’re on a multi-flight journey and the first leg departs from the United States on a non-Emirates airline, you’ll likely need to follow the first carrier’s luggage protocols. 
  • If your route starts in Africa, and you bought an Economy Special ticket before May 11, 2020, you can check two pieces of luggage that weigh up to 23 kg each.
  • If your journey begins in the Americas, Asia, Australia, or New Zealand and includes a stopover in Dubai that’s 24-hours-long or more, the weight baggage model applies, not the per-piece one.
  • Members of Emirates’ frequent flyer programs may enjoy a higher baggage allowance in some circumstances. Call to find out.

Emirates Checked Baggage Allowance: Weight Model

All other Emirates flights not outlined above in the per-piece baggage allowance model use a weight system. Instead of limiting passengers to the number of items they can check, limits are based solely on weight. 

Class and FareChecked Baggage AllowanceWeight Limit (Each Baggage Item)Size Limit (Each Baggage Item)
Economy Specialunlimited20 kg (44 lbs)300 cm (118 in)
Economy Saverunlimited25 kg (55.1 lbs)300 cm (118 in)
Economy Flexunlimited30 kg (66.1 lbs)300 cm (118 in)
Economy Flex Plusunlimited35 kg (77.1 lbs)300 cm (118 in)
Businessunlimited40 kg (88.1 lbs)300 cm (118 in)
Firstunlimited50 kg (110.2 lbs)300 cm (118 in)

For example, let’s say you have a business-class ticket from Amsterdam to Durban, you could check 10 bags whose combined weight didn’t exceed 40 kg (88.1 lbs).

Emirates Weight Checked Baggage Anomalies

  • People with Economy Special tickets between UAE and India enjoy a 25 kg limit.
  • People departing from Australia or New Zealand with an Economy Saver ticket bought on or after November 26, 2019, enjoy a 30 kg limit.
  • Members of Emirates frequent flyer programs may enjoy a higher baggage allowance in some circumstances. Call to inquire.

Emirates Checked Baggage Exceptions

  • Passengers with crutches or braces may check them free of charge.
  • Passengers transporting a dialysis machine can check it free of charge.
  • Assistance dogs may be checked in the hold but are not allowed in the cabin.

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Emirates Excess Baggage Policies

Emirates ticket holders can pay to increase their baggage allowances. Note that any luggage item exceeding 300 cm (118 in) cannot be checked on any Emirates commercial flight. It must be sent by Emirates freight or shipped by a third party.

Emirates Excess Baggage Policy: Weight Model

If you’re on a flight using the Emirates weight model baggage allowance, you can buy additional kilos, in five-kilo blocks, up to a maximum of 25. Purchasing the extra baggage space online — up to four hours before departure — will save you money; the first 5 kg add-on pack is 50 percent cheaper online than the check-in-desk price, and 20 percent less for each subsequent add-on weight pack.

Here’s a table of Emirates additional baggage fees based on the route. Note that the airline uses the United States dollar as its standard legal tender. If you’re paying in another currency, the transaction day exchange rate applies.

To / FromMiddle East / South AsiaAfricaFar EastEuropeAustralia and New Zealand
Middle East / South Asia$20$30$30$30$30
Far East$30$40$15$40$30
Australia and New Zealand$40$50$30$50$15

So let’s say you have a business-class ticket from London to Madrid and have 65-kg-worth of luggage. The first 40 kg is included in the price of your fare. The next 5 kg would cost $7.50 if you bought it online, or $15 at the airport. The additional four 5-kg packs needed to reach 65 would cost $12 each if purchased ahead of time and $15 each at the check-in desk. Ultimately, your additional baggage fees (for flights using the weight model) would be $55.50. If purchased at least 4 hours before the flight and $75 if bought at the airport. 

Emirates Baggage Allowance Policy: Per-Piece Model

If you’re on a flight using Emirates’ per-piece luggage model, you can pay to bring more bags. The maximum number of checked items per ticket holder is 10, which includes allowances associated with your fare and cabin.

Purchasing additional luggage space online, up to four hours before departure, saves you money. However, you can only buy a max of three overage items online; The remaining bags are charged the full rate.

Emirates’ full excess baggage fee, under its per-piece model, is $200 per bag. The online price is 50 percent off the first piece of extra luggage and 20 percent off the other two, but only for those in the Economy class. Everyone else must pay the full fee for every piece of extra luggage.

From / ToAfricaAmericasAsiaAustralia and New ZealandEuropeMiddle East

Emirates Excess Baggage Fees: Weight Model

Emirates charges for oversized and overweight luggage when using the weight model. It’s $75 per overweight parcel for flights originating in Africa or to/from the Americas, $250 if oversized, and $350 if oversized and overweight. If you buy additional luggage allowances for the same routes, the fees jump to $275 (overweight), $325 (oversized), and $400 (overweight and oversized) per item! 

(Pro tip: If your excess luggage fee costs climb into the hundreds, it’s almost always cheaper to ship the items through a third-party international shipper, like Stasher.)

Emirates Sports Equipment Baggage Policy

Most sports equipment can be checked on Emirates flights. However, anything larger than 300 cm (118 in) must be sent by Emirates freight or a third-party luggage shipper.

Sporting EquipmentEmirates Rules
SCUBA EquipmentAllowed as checked baggage; air canisters must be empty
Sporting / Hunting Weapons (target pistols, target rifles, air guns, safari rifles, hunting rifles)Must be unloaded, dismantled, and packed inside luggage or a gun case; all firearms and ammunition must be reported to Emirates at least three days in advance and approved by the airline; ammunition packs must be fully packed in something that does not contain the “explosives” symbol or word; cannot bring more than 5 kg (11 lbs) worth of sporting weapons and associated ammunition; people traveling to or within the UAE must get permission from UAE authorities ahead of time
Ski and Snowboard EquipmentIn almost all cases, you can check ski and snowboarding equipment. Standard overage fees apply if you max out your ticket’s luggage allowance.
Windsurf Boards, Kite-Surfing Equipment, Kayaks, Body Boards, Pole VaultsSails must be detached and collapsible; items must be in a hard-shell case.
SurfboardsFins must be removed or firmly packed in polystyrene foam; noses and tails should be packed in bubble-wrap or neoprene foam; sides should be wrapped in cardboard as a shock absorbent; doctored board must be in a board bag. 
Emirates Baggage Allowance

Emirates Baggage Allowance Musical Instruments

Emirates treats musical instruments as standard checked baggage. Passengers can also buy their axes a seat on the plane. All excess baggage fees apply to musical instruments.

Contact Emirates

Emirates Help Page: https://www.emirates.com/us/english/help/

Phone: +18007773999

Alternative to Excess Baggage Fees

Emirates’ oversized and excess baggage fees can get pricey. A better option is using Stasher’s international luggage shipping service. It’s affordable, reliable, and every item is insured. Better still, Stasher comes to you — so no lugging your things to a drop-off location.

The company has won several customer service awards and boasts a 99 percent customer satisfaction rating. 

Stasher’s luggage shipping service is a snap to use, often costs less than Emirates’ additional fee structure, and can be booked in a matter of minutes. Skip the maddening luggage carousel ritual and choose the shipping option. Once you do, you may never check your luggage again.

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