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Spirit Airlines Baggage Fees

Spirit Airlines Baggage Fees
Spirit Airlines Baggage Fees

Today share with you fees info Spirit Airlines Baggage Fees. Spirit Airlines is one of the cheapest airlines. It runs the campaign “Bare Fare” which has the lowest prices and  you will need to pay only for those items you carry with you. Here we will give the Spirit Airlines Baggage Fees and other necessary Spirit Airlines Baggage information and policies. Due to being cheapest airlines along with a good level of  quality it is one of the best options for traveling from one place to another within United States.

Spirit Airlines Baggage Fees:

Spirit Airlines Baggage policy revolves around Bare Fare. With this the Policy of Spirit Airlines Baggage Fees is as follows:

  • One personal item that fits in the smaller sizer box (like a small backpack) is included with your ticket (Bare Fare™).
  • Another personal item or anything larger like a standard carry-on or checked bag will need to be paid for.
  • Along with one personal item you can bring items like an umbrella, camera, infant diaper bag, assistive devices, outer garments (e.g., coats, hats and wraps), reading material and food for the flight for no additional charge.
  • Neck and head pillows can be carried on the aircraft as long as they fit completely in your personal item bag.
  • In some cases wheelchairs, car seats and strollers may be checked or carried on free of charge.
  • The personal item is like a laptop bag or purse smaller than 18″x14″x8″.

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Charges Apply For Overweight Oversized and Additional items which are as follows:

Spirit Airlines Overweight Oversized Baggage Fees
Weight & SizeExtra Fees & Charges
41 – 50 lbs. (18 – 23 kg)$30
51 – 70 lbs. (23 – 32 kg)$55
71 – 100 lbs. (32 – 45 kg)$100
63-80 linear inches (158-203 cm)$100
Special items over 80 linear inches (203 cm)$150

Sporting Equipment:

The charges apply for sporting equipment whenever you travel with Spirit Airlines. The charges for Spirit Airlines Sporting Equipment are as follows:

Extra Charges For Sporting Equipment
Surf Board (Maximum of 2 surfboards in one bag)$100
Golf ClubsSame as checked bags, overweight charges may apply
Skis/SnowboardsSame as checked bags, overweight charges may apply

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