Southwest Airlines Corporate Office

My this post is related the Southwest Airlines Corporate Office Address. In 1967, Southwest Airlines was formed. It is a significant carrier with a corporate office in Dallas, Texas. The team members of the Southwest Airlines Corporate Office manage travel-related operations. These operations include the management of flight schedules, the execution of safety procedures. Along with managing these, it provides information regarding the services. In accordance with this information, one can make reservations. One can attempt to approach the carrier’s corporate office through its address and reserve its services.

Southwest Airlines Corporate Office Detail

The Southwest Airlines Corporate in Dallas can be contacted via its official address. Once contacted or visited, travelers can share their major concerns. These can be addressed by its officials. Or they can connect with the officials regarding travel services.

Below is the address of the airline’s corporate office: 

P.O. Box 36611, 2702 Love Field Drive, Dallas, Texas 75235,United States

Southwest Corporate Office Details and Facilities

Southwest Corporate Office Details and Facilities

In Dallas, the Southwest Airlines Corporate manages regular operations. Managing fight schedules is one such operation that it tends to. Along with these operations, multiple facilities are provided by this body. For the same, the team of officials, including pilots, ground staff, and crew receive regular training.

  • This office facilitates regular maintenance of aircraft operations. 
  • It can make sure that the airline abides by the Federal Aviation Administration’s rules. 
  • These officials focus on customer contentment.
  • The office facilitates visa/passport procedures as well.

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Leadership Team and Company Overview

Southwest Airlines is one of the renowned operators across the globe. Its leadership team at the corporate office in Dallas makes the carrier’s operations notable. It has established short-term goals, as well as a corporate strategy, to accomplish the carrier’s objectives. 

One such objective of Southwest’s leadership team is to provide its unique hospitality and value in different countries through travel facilities. Further to provide the same, the airline has maintained over 800 vehicles in its fleet. 

  • To achieve such objectives, around 72000 employees are hired by Southwest.
  • A significant number of these employees are associated with its corporate office.
  • The leadership team at Southwest Airlines Corporate Office in Dallas, TX 75235 comprises:
    • Andrew Watterson – Chief Operating Officer
    • Linda Rutherford – Chief Administration & Communications Office
    • Bob Jordan – President & Chief Executive Office
    • Mark Shaw – Regulatory Officer, Chief Legal, and Executive Vice President 
    • Gary Kelly – Executive Chairman of the Board 
    • Tammy Romo – Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President 
    • Ryan Green – Chief Commercial Officer and Executive Vice President 

Southwest Airlines Dallas Corporate Office Directions and Transportation

Travelers can reach the Southwest Airlines Corporate Office in Dallas, TX by following certain directions. Through the Dallas North Tollway, the toll road in the U.S., they can head to this office. The distance between these locations is around 19.9 miles or 32 km. 

To easily reach this office, certain transportation modes are available. One such mode includes booking taxis. 

In the End,

Southwest Airlines has its corporate office in Dallas, Texas. From here, it operates its flight services to domestic/international locations. Apart from these, the office provides various facilities and addresses the major concerns of travelers. These functions are ensured by the leadership team working at this airline’s corporate

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