10 Tips to reduce your energy bill by $ 600 / year


Multimedia devices watch: track them down!


This is the easiest electricity consumption item to reduce and free as a bonus! To do this, all you have to do is hunt down the devices that remain on standby.

Even when turned off, your audiovisual devices are usually still on standby. This standby state thus represents 3/4 of the consumption of these devices!

Here are the devices that can be unplugged:

Your television: its standby costs between 5 and 15 $ per year;

your DVD or BluRay player: its cumulative standby hours over the year cost between $ 3 and $ 13;

your game consoles: their monitoring costs between 2 and 10 $ per year;
your computer: its standby costs between 6 and 30 $ for one year;

your coffee maker: per year, its standby hours cost you between 2 and 4 $;

if you are not using their internal clock, also cut off your microwave and your Hi-Fi system from the mains, the day before for which costs between $ 3 and $ 20 a year;

if you do not receive the telephone over the Internet: your box / modem, which still cost $10 per year on standby;

Also remember to unplug your cell phone, computer, camera chargers … as soon as they are finished charging. In fact, when they remain plugged in, they continue to consume electricity, even if your device is no longer plugged in at the end.

Here are some small pieces of equipment that help save money more easily:

multiple sockets with switches: they avoid having to disconnect all the sockets one by one;

standby sockets: when you turn off the device, the socket blocks the supply of power. A plug of this type costs on average 20 $;

energy management software: they can reduce your computer’s electricity consumption by 40 to 60%. For a computer, this represents between 17 and 25 $ savings per year.

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