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Honest Review of Spirit Airlines

Honest Review of Spirit Airlines
Honest Review of Spirit Airlines

On the off chance that you’ve come searching for a Honest Review of Spirit Airlines, you should realize that I’m no more unusual to spending carriers.

I’ve made an entire manual for flying on spending carriers following quite a while of being an understudy and attempting to locate the least expensive path from point A to point B.

I need to state that was alarmed to fly on Spirit Airlines.

In this flying on Spirit Airlines reviews, you will come on an excursion with me as I ask myself inquiries like, “Is flying on Spirit Airlines Safe?” “Would it be a good idea for me to book a trip on Spirit Airlines?” and how to set aside cash utilizing Spirit aircrafts – in light of the fact that what’s the purpose of a spending flight on the off chance that you wind up following through on double the cost of an ordinary transporter once the entirety of the expenses are paid?

My Spirit carriers experience occurred in January 2019, when I booked a ticket to go full circle from Orlando International Airport to Dallas Fort Worth to look at the Sixth Floor Museum and other free activities in Dallas and Forth Worth.

What began as an excursion transformed into a flying outing when I minded ticket costs and found that my better half and I could go for $320 full circle – and that is for the two of us so I resembled YES PLEASE, TAKE MY MONEY.

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Prior to booking the tickets, I had never flown on Spirit aircrafts, however observed a great deal of remarks in different Facebook bunch about how Spirit carriers were frightful.

I’m now an apprehensive flyer, so I was anxious about taking the flight dependent on different tales of lost stuff, deferred planes, dangerous highlights and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

In any case, you know what, this current young lady’s not all that wealthy so I grasped it and chose to go in any case!

Also, I’m so happy I did.

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History of Spirit Airlines

To give you the short form since I can ensure you’re here to sort out what the legroom resembles (hint: bad) and not Spirit’s life history, I’ll simply state that the aircraft has been around since 1964, yet changed to the super ease transporter status around 2007.

It has just been in the recent years that I’ve by and by observed it getting even more a “family unit brand”, however generally for the articles considering it the most exceedingly awful aircraft in America and different allegations.

Soul has an intuitive course map which you can look at here, yet generally they travel inside the US, Caribbean and Central and South America.

You can move as distant as Lima, Peru with Spirit and for those of us who have a requirement for experience and furthermore a need to set aside cash, that is a success.

Spirit Airlines Booking Experience

Old audits of the Spirit Airlines site recommend cringeworthy humor and a “excessively cool for school” mentality, however in 2019, the Spirit Airlines site is completely simple to utilize and nonoffensive.

It was exceptionally clear where to look for flights and how to get them.

In the event that you’ve ever flown a spending carrier previously, you’ll realize they continue attempting to upsell you along the registration cycle, however as long as you probably are aware precisely what you need and simply locate the “No, much appreciated!” or “Proceed without adding XYZ” catches, you’ll be totally fine.


Presently, the interface isn’t actually smooth and tasteful – with brilliant yellow shouting at you all over, it’s exceptionally clear you’re flying a spending carrier, yet on the off chance that I let web composition put me off movement, there are not many spots I would really go.

Spirit Airlines Checklist

First of all, in flight necessities are critical for long flights.

Also, the MOST costly spot to purchase any of these necessities is the air terminal.

Darn you request economy!

At any rate your smartest choice is to arrange ahead of time so minus any additional farewell:

  • Neck cushion
  • Rest veil
  • Mediavine
  • Ear plugs
  • Cover
  • Pressure socks
  • Identification holder

Soul Airlines Check-In and Boarding Process

In the same way as other aircrafts these days, particularly spending carriers in Europe, part of the “financial plan” part is expecting to print out your ticket yourself or have it on versatile registration.

I downloaded the Spirit tickets onto my telephone and ensured it was completely energized the multiple times we went to the air terminal, and had definitely no issues.

I don’t know the last time I’ve really been given a ticket face to face, frankly, so I was totally glad to oblige on this progression.

Concerning the boarding cycle, I wish I had more horrible comments to make this audit more sensational, however perhaps the most dumbfounding part (in view of the multitude of different surveys I had perused) is that we had no issues.

We had a zone allocated to us on our tickets, the planes began loading up on time the multiple times, and once the ball was in our court and we were on the plane, there was a lot of room in the caught compartments for individuals who had brought portable items since, goodness no doubt, you need to pay for portable items so less individuals do it!

Spirit Airlines Cabin Crew

Making a decision about an aircraft by encounters with its lodge group consistently appears to be marginally non-genuine to me, since individuals can be so extraordinary and flight teams can be so unique.

Nonetheless, I am glad to express that we had definitely no issues with any lodge group and all were benevolent.

We had little connection with them because of the idea of the flight – there is no free food or beverages served and we didn’t organization any, so we had no genuine motivation to lock in.

Spirit Airlines Legroom

The soul aircrafts legroom banter is the place where I would raise an issue that may deter tall individuals from flying Spirit or possibly reserving the leave line.

We wound up being moved up to the leave line on our first flight, which had bounteous measures of extra space – to such an extent that I might have fit an entire nother individual under my feet if oddly enough I expected to.


In transit back, nonetheless, we were in a “ordinary” seat and, well.

Gee. I am about 5’6 and I felt pretty confined and like my knees were in the seat before me.


Not to the point that it was unendurable for 2 and a half hours, yet on the off chance that I were much taller or going on a more extended take flight, I may lament my decision.

Note that I state “lament my decision” and “not fly Spirit” in light of the fact that now in my life, I am of the sentiment that getting some place securely on a careful spending plan is my main worry as I’d preferably go through more cash in the genuine spot I’m going.


In any case, I value that is not every person, so remember that.

Spirit Airlines Legroom Hack

I’m going to give you access on a mystery that could truly update your legroom experience on Spirit on the off chance that you are somebody who is tall and ready to go through a touch of additional cash.

Soul’s variant of “top notch” seats are designated “Large Front Seats,” and they’re roughly similar size as top of the line seats on other homegrown aircrafts.

The thing that matters is that these seats don’t accompany such a “Top notch” administration or food and beverages, yet the update cost is just $35 per flight.

Many flight masters believe this to be probably the best arrangement in flying, giving you an overly comfortable seat on a careful spending plan carrier so you get the entirety of the advantages of the low costs without managing the legroom issue.


Is Spirit Airlines Safe?

One of the principle reasons I stressed over taking Spirit Airlines was on the grounds that I have an endless dread that spending carriers aren’t protected.

I concern that they’re compromising on the plane support, that the pilot simply has a move of pipe tape he will use on the plane prior to removing, that possibly I will be compelled to simply hold tight to the tail for the remainder of the excursion if something turns out badly.


These are largely unreasonable concerns achieved by observing an excessive number of narratives about plane crashes and having a general restless mien with regards to flying, however all things considered you don’t have to stress over Spirit Airlines being sufficiently protected to fly.

While there have been some airborne upkeep issues throughout the long term (and which aircraft hasn’t had those?), they have never had a deadly mishap, are administered by the FAA and subsequently need to cling to a similar wellbeing oversight as other, non-minimal effort carriers, and gracious that pilot that is up there talking about what he’s having for supper around evening time?

He needs to return home as well.


Soul is utilized by a huge number of individuals consistently and keeping in mind that you may be worried about how close your knees are to the individual’s butt before you, you can have confidence that these planes are as protected to fly as they can be thinking about you’re in a cylinder being pushed miles noticeable all around (DID I MENTION I’M AFRAID OF FLYING?!).

Spirit Airlines Food and Drinks

What might a Spirit Airlines survey be without an audit of its food and beverages?

It couldn’t be any more obvious, Spirit Airlines charges for any food and beverages requested during the flight, including water bottles, so my audit of Spirit Airlines food would come down to this:

Bring your own.

Nowadays and travel-wise society, I simply don’t perceive any reason why you wouldn’t either pack your own sandwich or get one in the air terminal prior to boarding.

This goes for water and different beverages as well.


Essentially bring a vacant water restrain through security and fill it on the opposite side, or get yourself your must-have espresso or nibble prior to loading up so you’re not addressing plane costs or managing techniques for installments while at 30,000 feet.


The majority of Spirit’s flights are short enough that this shouldn’t be an issue, and I fly long stretch with Norwegian’s no-food choice constantly and still figure out how to make it without starving.

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